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teach you real ninjutsu

Would you like to try real ninja arts?

At our shop, we combine the latest modern sports with the ninjutsu of ancient ninjas, and teach techniques like real ninjutsu.

What is Ninja


A ninja who accomplishes his missions with his amazing martial arts. It is said to have climbed walls, leaped onto roofs with its incredible jumping power, and waded over walls and ponds.

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air kick


IMG_0241 (2023-04-27T10_52_36.054).JPG


Tightrope walking technique


IMG_0239 (2023-04-27T10_52_27.726).JPG


wall climbing technique


ninja history

Ninjas are historical beings in Japan who are said to have carried out special tactics and espionage activities.

His missions included sabotage, information gathering, and espionage, but he seems to have avoided fighting as much as possible, emphasizing secrecy.


However, the most important thing was to bring back information, that is, to survive, so he trained in combat techniques and ninjutsu.


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